General Industrial Valves

Actuated Valves

Actuators are the main feature of our actuated valves that utilizes gas or hydraulic pressure as well as electricity to control the flow. Certain types of actuators allow for the flow or the position of the valve to be controlled remotely from a central control room. Offering the actuated industrial valves with optimized leak proof and low supply pressure qualities.

Pneumatic Actuated Valves

Offering the pneumatic control valve designed in in a way to protect your system from problems that may be caused by excessive air pressure. It has been designed to regulate the flow of pressure in your system. The flow control valves are made of high-quality materials that ensure the smooth flow of air in the system. We offer the different variations of actuators including:

  • Piston Style Pneumatic Actuator
  • Diaphragm Style Pneumatic Actuator
  • Rotary Vane Style Pneumatic Actuator

Electric Actuated Valves

Electric valve actuators are electro-mechanical devices used to control valves, such as ball and butterfly valves remotely. Electric actuated valves offer a more energy-efficient, clean, and quiet valve control method than their pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts. Depending on the requirement, there are several types of electric actuators for valves, but the two major types are linear and rotary actuators. Each of these actuators uses different valves

Hydraulic Actuated Valves

Hydraulic fluid is compressed to create pressure onto the pistons, resulting in the movement of our hydraulic actuated valve’s stem. The mechanism of our hydraulic actuated valves allows for optimum output capacity, superior throttling capabilities, and stiff actuator movement.

Industrial Valves & Accessories

General Industrial Valves

Actuate Valves

Actuators are the main feature of our actuated valves that utilizes gas or hydraulic pressure as well as electricity to

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Ball Valves

We specialize in providing quality industrial valve solutions to our customers worldwide. Our range of API 6D ball valves is

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Butterfly Valves

Matched with various actuators, our industrial butterfly valves can be installed with minimal effort and operated efficiently for easy open/close

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Check Valves

Designed to prevent backflow of media into the stream, check valves are two-port valves that only allow media to flow

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Gate Valves

An ideal component for giving flow logic to pipelines, gate valves permit or stop a medium’s flow to a specific

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Globe Valves

Globe valves have linear motion functionality and can stop, start, and regulate the flow of media. Predominantly used for isolating

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Plug Valves

Our plug valves utilize a cylindrical or tapered plug that can open/close, throttle, or divert a piping’s flow. The high-grade

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