General Industrial Valves

Ball Valves

We specialize in providing quality industrial valve solutions to our customers worldwide. Our range of API 6D ball valves is composed of side entry ball valves, top entry ball valves, and trunnion-mounted ball valves and others.

Trunnion Ball Valve

Offering the trunnion ball valve made of different materials suitable to cut off or connect the media in various of Class150~Class2500 of various media such as water, steam, oil, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas, nitric acid, oxidizer, urea and etc. Designed with smaller actuators, our trunnion ball valves provide ample space within pipelines while proving efficient under rising pressure.

Floating Ball Valves

Offering the most common valve used in industrial piping systems – Floating Ball Valves capable of bi-directional shut-off, our floating valves have excellent sealing performance and are easy to operate thanks to their simple structure. Available in pressure ranges from  PN10 (ANSI 150) to PN420 (ANSI 2500) in size range of ½ to 10 inch and above.

3-Way Ball Valves

Through their multi-part body, our 3-way valves enable faster assembly, reassembly, and routine maintenance without doing damage to the pipe. We offer the valves with superior sealing quality for various industries including the vacuum systems. With its simple structure and variety in size makes it more applicable for multiple usages

Double Block and Bleed Ball Valves

Double-block-and-bleed ball valves (DBB ball valves) allow for a pipe section to be shut down from both sides of the valve. This design feature keeps everyone safe from accidental leaks that can cause harm, making it efficient for the oil and gas industry. Along with strong security features, our valves reduce the need for added valves and save both on space and costs.

Side Entry Ball Valves

We offer ball valves with side entry for Easy installation and maintenance. The valve can be repaired and replaced while attached to the pipeline. These valves open and close quickly, allowing for fast reaction during emergency cases. Available in Pressure Rating from ASME 150 to ASME 2500 in sizes of DN15 to DN150 or higher

Top Entry Ball Valves

Top entry ball valves are also used in oil, chemical, chemical, metallurgical, refining, petrochemical, electrical, nuclear, and paper machinery. Due to different operating conditions and extreme environmental conditions, a typical ball valve is not enough, as the system demands high performance. With the help of the top entry structure, one can easily remove the ball valve from the valve line when replacing the seat. We offer a valve compact in volume, light in weight and easy to handle for convenient operation.

Rising Stem Ball Valves

The valve stems of rising-stem ball valves are pushed and pulled, which minimizes contact and reduces wear and tear. Fit for the oil and gas industry, our rising-stem ball valves come with a metal or soft seat to keep leakage and contamination from happening and is ideal for use in dirty services, smooth operations of flow lines, transfer of hot fluids and liquids, segregation of products, shutdown emergency services, isolation of meters, etc.

Split Body Ball Valves

A split-body valve comes in a two-to-three-piece form, consisting of a ball, stem, seat rings and other components held by smaller parts inside the larger body proving to be the most effective solution in high working conditions. Made of durable metal material that is tested for its resistance qualities, our split-body ball valves are guaranteed to withstand corrosive fluids and abrasive substances.

Fully Welded Ball Valves

Applied in extreme working conditions, such as in natural gas, urban heating, and long-distance pipelines, fully-welded ball valves are bound over the whole cross-section to overcome higher loads. As such, stress corrosion cracking and external contamination are actively averted to increase the service life of our valves. Our valves, which come in front welding, middle welding and side welding seam types, have an economical design that can save you a lot of money in the long run. To ensure tightness, we ensure that ultrasonic and hardness tests have been conducted before to determine the strength and durability of the valves.

Industrial Valves & Accessories

General Industrial Valves

Actuate Valves

Actuators are the main feature of our actuated valves that utilizes gas or hydraulic pressure as well as electricity to

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Ball Valves

We specialize in providing quality industrial valve solutions to our customers worldwide. Our range of API 6D ball valves is

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Butterfly Valves

Matched with various actuators, our industrial butterfly valves can be installed with minimal effort and operated efficiently for easy open/close

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Check Valves

Designed to prevent backflow of media into the stream, check valves are two-port valves that only allow media to flow

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Gate Valves

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Globe Valves

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Plug Valves

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