General Industrial Valves

Butterfly Valves

Matched with various actuators, our industrial butterfly valves can be installed with minimal effort and operated efficiently for easy open/close actions. We understand the need of our customer and supply them the solution in valves that are made to last, reduce future costs and minimize the need for repeated maintenance.

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves

Double eccentric or double offset butterfly valves comes with the ability to withstand liquids and gases and operate efficiently under high temperature and pressure conditions. Our double offset butterfly valves are designed to provide superior sealing abilities, reduced torques, and reliable performances during flow regulation and throttling. Available in Pressure ratings up to ANSI 600 with size up to 30 inch

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves

Our offered triple eccentric butterfly valves come with abrasive resistance components to withstand harsh environments. Along with wear and scour resistant seal rings, these valves are also made with a one-piece casting craft mold for a more stable structure. A geometric design for sealing components gives our valves friction-free stroking to extend their service life.
Metal-to-metal sealing helps ensure bubble-tight shut-off, resulting in absolutely no leakage.

Concentric Butterfly Valves

Concentric Butterfly Valves are the best suited in case when the valve is not being chosen for extreme conditions. These valves are constructed with a stem travelling along the midline of the valve disk and lack any offsets. With a full diameter structure, our concentric butterfly valves reduce flow resistance and ensure fluids smoothly pass through the valves.

Wafer Butterfly Valves

The primary function of a wafer butterfly valve is to regulate wafer flow in any system. It is essential in any pump station to control wafer flow. Also, a certain pressure needs to be maintained, which is not possible with just a mere pipe, which is why a wafer butterfly valve is used. Offering resilience and cohesion to pipelines, we provide wafer butterfly valves designed with reliable valve seats allowing for the flange to be easily connected to the valve. Meeting ANSI/API, BS, DIN, and JIS requirements, our wafer-style butterfly valves are made with quality metal material that enables valves of this type to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining overall cleanliness.

Lug Butterfly Valves

A lug butterfly valve is used to control fluids and is generally used in industries like gas, petroleum, water treatment, and chemical industries and for thermal power stations used for cooling water.

Flange Butterfly Valves

Flange butterfly valves come with a raised surface on the valve fitting that is mated to a facing groove, and this makes the connection between valves stronger and suitable for heavy-duty piping applications. With high-quality materials and optimized design, our offered valves work well in commercial and industrial applications with extreme temperatures.

Metal Seated Butterfly Valves

The metal seated structure of our offered valves is such that it creates a bubble tight shutoff that keeps leaks out, resulting in lower friction and better flow control. Fully metallic forged seal rings and overlaid stellite alloys over the sealing surface prevent wear and erosion. Because of the secure design, these metal seated valves work well even in poor working conditions.

Industrial Valves & Accessories

General Industrial Valves

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Butterfly Valves

Matched with various actuators, our industrial butterfly valves can be installed with minimal effort and operated efficiently for easy open/close

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