General Industrial Valves

Check Valves

Designed to prevent backflow of media into the stream, check valves are two-port valves that only allow media to flow in a single direction. Relying on pressure differential to function, check valves play an important role in filtration units, household appliances, and wastewater lines, among other applications. offers you a complete line of check valves that match your audience’s specific needs. From consultation to aftersales, you can rely on our team to provide expert assistance and quality service in every step.

Swing Check Valves

Swing check valves feature a weighted disc that swings forward to allow media to flow and moves back to the initial position for tight sealing. Easy to install and maintain, these swing check valves effectively prevent media overflow and are perfect for high-pressure applications.

Lift Check Valves

Controlled by a plug that lifts as the valve fills up with media, the Lift Check Valve (or Piston Check Valve) is ideal for gas, liquid, air, and vapor pipeline connections. Available in horizontal, vertical, and angular body patterns, our lift check valves keep released media from returning when the plug returns to its original place. They also prevent the backflow of pressure and provide a definite path for smooth flow. Lift Check valves are open when fluid streams from them in a solitary direction. They don’t allow the liquid to flow in the opposite direction.

Dual Plate Check Valves

Designed with two spring-loaded plates, dual-plate check valves open to release media and spring back to prevent leakage from the outside. This effective check valve can be installed from any position, provides tight sealing, and guarantees no pressure loss. Combining smart design and advanced functionality, our line of dual-plate check valves offers cost-effective sealing solutions for production facilities, oil refineries, and manufacturing industries. Each dual-plate check valve is molded from high-quality steel and is tested to match API standards for check valves.

Nozzle Check Valves

Specifically designed to handle water hammering caused by stored pressure in the valve, nozzle check valves close without creating excess pressure spikes. The check valve’s unique pressure-eliminating feature makes it indispensable in oil and gas, refining, chemical processing, and power generation industries. Implementing streamlined processing and strict quality control standards, our non-slam check valves provide long-term service and peerless performance.

Tilting Disk Check Valves


Perfect for use on different neutral liquid media, tilting-disc check valves offer a quick, tight seal that requires minimal pressure to open. The quick-acting mechanism allows for instant release of media moving forward, while automatically closing to avoid flow reversal. The streamlined design and a larger flow area, improves the overall valve performance by 40%.

Industrial Valves & Accessories

General Industrial Valves

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