Flow Metering Skids

Accurate gas measurement and gas analysis are crucial for your success. Whether in need of individual components or complete measuring stations for gas measurement, we always find the right solution for your project. Whether gas meters for precise gas measurement, flow computers for counting and calculating measured values, gas chromatographs for gas analysis or measurement and evaluation software for instrument analysis and documentation, you will find the right components for your project with us.  The overall billing process is based on the heating value of the gas which is determined from the Gas Quality. We offer Natural Gas Chromatographs with accurate and reliable knowledge of gas composition and other vital parameters to ensure the quality of the product, and to determine precise quantity when transferring the product for sale.

Pipeline flow measurement accuracy is the heart of custody transfer between seller to buyer. To ensure safe and reliable measurement of product flow, we offer MID & PTB approved Ultrasonic Gas flow meter and DIN-DVGW tested and PTB approved Turbine Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter:

• 6 direct measuring paths, arranged as X in 3 planes
• High flow velocity (up to 40 m/s)
• Fully encapsulated, robust and dirt-repellent titanium sensors

Turbine Gas Flow Meter:

• Durable, low maintenance and robust
• Meets or exceeds the requirements of DIN/EN 12261 for gas meters and DIN/EN 12405 for volume correctors
• Integrated temperature and pressure measurement

Apart from the flow measurement, the temperature, pressure measurement along with effective filtration is provided by Potentia.  

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