Control Devices

Flow Measurement

Leverage your existing sensors and communication infrastructure while bringing real-time information management capabilities into your operation.

Vortex Flow Meter

The flow in a boiler is important because it enables efficient heat transfer, helps maintain the quality of the boiler feedwater, and ensures an adequate supply of hot water based on the system’s capacity and demand. Our specialized Flow measurement technologies gives accurate flowrate of steam and feed water for precise drum level measurement.

Hybrid Flow Meter

Hybrid Flow Meters utilize two different flow meter technologies in combination; vortex and differential pressure. The design has blended the two separate flow metering principles into one hybrid system where the two meters complement each other’s performance. This combination allows for the prediction of fluid density, volumetric flow rate and mass flow rate without any fluid density information being required from an external source. With addition of two differential pressure transmitters, advanced diagnostic software continually monitors and verifies the meter performance.

Boiler Control

Boiler House Instrumentation

Level Measurement

Level is a critical measurement necessary to maintain efficient, reliable and safe operations of Boiler. If the boiler steam/water interface

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