Multiphase Flow Metering

Direct and continuous multiphase flow monitoring at the wellhead ensures greater measurement accuracy and eliminates the need for dedicated test lines and test separators. Our multi-phase flow metering solution are the most widely solution used onshore, offshore and in vehicle based mobile well testing and is the most cost effective MPFM solution suitable for your requirement. The breakthrough solution requires minimal data inputs and in-situ calibration. The features of our offered solution includes:

Real Time Production Data on Every Well

It is now feasible to have permanent production monitoring on every well. Our MPFMs generate detailed production data, up to the second, 24hrs a day. Having detailed real time production information that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your resources and empowers you to make the most informed and timely decisions.

No PVT Data Required

Other MPFM solutions require continuing and expensive and time consuming downhole PVT reports. Our MPFMs require only readily available pure phase density information as inputs. The pure hydrocarbons are measured directly without the need for conversion or shrinkage factors.


Our MPFMs are easily installed and maintained. Large scale and field-wide installations can be handled by a very small crew.


Our MPFMs do not rely on a gamma-ray source. This eliminates regulatory risks associated with the importation, commissioning and operation of equipment based on principles of radioactivity. All forms of production, including high GVF (up to 100%) are measured accurately.