Natural Gas Odorization

Are your gases leaking undetected?
Natural gas is the most abundant fossil fuel resource used in many countries which is routed from wellhead to processing plants to get processed into the required sale gas specification which is then transported via pipeline networks to the end users. In this processing and transportation, one of the most important factors to consider is the Safety of the Process. This recalls an important property of natural gas i.e., Odorless. Which can’t be sensed if it is leaked and dispersed in the atmosphere. This is a grieve concern for the Production and Operating companies as the potential leak, if not detected or sensed by a common person working in the field or confined space, can lead to an explosion and risk of fatalities. We offer a cost effective solution of how gas can be odorized and analyzed in minimal time to ensure proper dosage of natural gas and hence overall process safety.

We offer a line of gas odorants used to odorize natural gas; the piped gas used for cooking and home heating. It can also be used in the odorization of Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG), such as propane and butane. Ethyl mercaptan, tetrahydrothiophene and ethyl methyl sulfide are some of the organosulfur compounds employed in this application. The high quality hydrocarbons and sulfur chemicals can surely satisfies your assurance of reliable and effective products

Fast, continuous reading

Analyzer response time is 1 to 5 seconds

No false

Interfering chemicals can be corrected for by feed algorithm

Huge dynamic

Remains accurate through wide changes in concentration

Rich trend

High measurement frequency paints a clearer picture

Measure up to 5 chemicals

Individual concentration reading for each odorizing agent

Also measure H2S,

Complete gas quality information

We also help Simplify the odorization process using the most reliable odor/ mercaptans monitor and a solid state solution for replacing or supplementing human sniffers. Which delivers