Pressure Transmitter

Keeping check on pressure in boiler house is critical as low pressure wouldn’t allow the system too work and high pressure would cause unnecessary damages within the system, to maintain efficient, reliable and safe operations, Reliable pressure measurement is an important pre-requisite for the efficient use of energy.

Our specialized pressure transmitter utilizes world’s leading mono crystal silicon pressure sensor coupled with outstanding encapsulation technology. It can handle the most rigorous industrial applications and can cope up with harsh environments. Highly accurate and reliable measurement of level, density and pressure of liquid, gas or steam is possible with our specialized device. Pressure applied on diaphragm creates stress on pair of piezoelectric crystals causing a change in voltage resistance. The change in resistance is directly proportional to applied pressure and is transferred to transmitter body through lead wires. The transmitter carries out the further processing of signal conditioning. The performance accuracy is about 0.075% of URL. This high performance pressure transmitter supports HART communication protocol, and IP66 water proof protection. It is well equipped with several features that facilitate easy installation, start up and minimize the maintenance.

Boiler Control

Boiler House Instrumentation

Level Measurement

Level is a critical measurement necessary to maintain efficient, reliable and safe operations of Boiler. If the boiler steam/water interface

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