Produced Water Management

Most produced water systems experience either periodic or continuous hydrocarbon and/or solids upsets, leading to:

A combination of factors in recent years has led to increased attention to water management in the oil and gas industry. Some of these factors include: limited water resources in certain areas, development of water-intensive technologies to better exploit unconventional plays, excessive transportation/disposal costs for water, a changing regulatory environment and a public push for sustainability and conservation relating to water as a resource. The industry is taking a renewed approach to tackling its water management challenges. One of these challenges in particular is the fact that produced and flowback water streams must often be treated prior to disposal, reinjection, or reuse. The capital and operating costs associated with most treatment systems can be very high. The need for economical management of produced and flowback water is critical. We offer high performance filtration and separation systems for produced and flowback water streams that will lower operating and capital costs and add value to your business. We also offer a broad array of secondary water treatment technologies that allow the re-use of produced water streams for beneficial uses such as agricultural irrigation, boiler feed water, etc.

Our solution with proven performance eliminates

the need for expensive excess processing, chemical additives, and storage tank capacity. With hydrocarbon recovery efficiencies of 99.98%, the PWM system produces a sellable product, balancing or even outweighing operating costs and capital investment. With our offered solution in produced water, the customer can experience operational, environmental and economic benefits including: