Control Devices

Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement in Boiler Drum is an equally essential parameter in drum level control as it assures a stable and safe operation and prevents overheating of boiler tubes. Monitoring temperature of feed water and that of boiler drum and the steam are all important as it helps keep check on energy input and output requirements.

Temperature Transmitter

Our specialized device is an explosion proof microprocessor based high performance temperature transmitter that has temperature sensors such as Thermocouple, RTD etc. It has a flexible sensor input and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and can configure various parameters. The temperature transmitter is connected to a 24VDC power source. The temperature sensor such as RTD or Thermocouple measures the temperature of the medium. Our specialized transmitter modifies the output signal of sensor into a standard format with the help of signal conditioning process , amplifies and then convert the output into a high level analog signal, usually a standard 4-20mA signal. It then transmits the amplified signal to control device by means of long cable runs.

Boiler Control

Boiler House Instrumentation

Level Measurement

Level is a critical measurement necessary to maintain efficient, reliable and safe operations of Boiler. If the boiler steam/water interface

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