Hygienic and Aseptic Valves

Accessories with Valves

Actuation, Valve control units, feedback units all are as equally important as a valve itself to any process. We assist you in selecting and configuring the right equipment to suit your control requirement

Pneumatic Actuators

The Vertical quarter turn Pneumatic Actuators for driving butterfly, ball and shutter type valves, commonly used in all segments of hygienic applications. Designed with an optimized piston helix to provide maximum torque output, Fully contained spring module, to ensure complete safety to maintenance personnel. Pneumatic Actuators can be supplied in two configurations, Spring return (SR), or Double acting (DA) while the SR models can be configured in the valve build up to provide a mechanical fail to close or fail to open condition.

Valve Control Unit

Valve control units are designed specifically to increase plant efficiency by controlling, monitoring and reporting on all process plant valve functions. control unit combines process valve triggering and monitoring in one unit. Located on the process valves, these decentralized control heads make it easy to reduce hose and cable lengths, which simplifies system design and reduces installation work. 

The valve position and communication faults are easy to see from any angle or distance. The green, yellow, and red signal colors can be assigned for the specific needs of each process system. 

Feedback Unit

It is vital for food and beverage plant operators to know the position of valves at all times to ensure a reliable and smooth process flow. We offer a technology that uses inductive magnetic coils to define and program the feedback fields for the individual valve positions the press of a button.

This provides significant time savings during assembly and commissioning. The closed design of the unit eliminates entrapment risks and ensures optimum cleaning of the external surfaces even when valves are installed below process tanks. Due to the all-around 360° LED display the valve position is always visible from any angle.

In Line Housing and Sight glasses

Inline System includes sight glasses, housings, sampling valves and other components for various inline pipe applications. The easy visual detection of flow and supervision of the process becomes possible with the inline housing and sight glass assembly.

Industrial Valves & Accessories

Hygienic and Aseptic Valves

Single Seat Valves

Single Seat valves are equipped with adjustable set pressure actuator. Our valves are economical and flexible single seat valves for

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Tank Top System

Our Tank Top assembly offers a proven simple and reliable compact tank top system that allows the addition and removal

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Valve Manifold

Our specialized Valve Manifold offer professional design, combined with the highest processing quality and permit optimum cleaning for perfect product

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