Advanced Aerosol Separators

The liquid contaminant can enter the gas stream through any one of a variety of events including phase separation and condensation, compressor lube-oils from compression, chemical addition to pipelines (including corrosion inhibitors), and entrainment from overheads of contact towers resulting in aerosol distributions primarily in the nanometer range.

Our technologically is specifically designed to effectively separate these contaminants and is in service protecting high value installations and systems worldwide.

The aerosol separator successfully addresses the inherent deficiencies of the conventional gas-liquid separators, making it possible to effectively remove liquid aerosols from gas streams. The flow in separator is designed from inside-to-the-outside, reducing the gas velocity as the droplets are being removed. The media technology is specifically designed to provide the desired level of separation and has the capability of providing effective separation from nano-levels to that approximating a demister pad.<br>

Separation Technologies

Filter Separators

For oil & gas production, effective and reliable filtration and separation solutions are essential. Improved filtration across upstream, midstream, and downstream is vital for increased productivity. We offer premium solutions that reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and enhance overall business performance.

Particle-Liquid Separator

The superior separator vessel used for particle/liquid filtration or separation. Compared to the conventional cartridge filters, the element technology inside

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