Hygienic and Aseptic Valves

Aseptic Mix Proof Valves

Our Mix Proof Valves product range includes Double Seat valves and Aseptic Double Seal valves. Designed specifically for product isolation where safe mix proof separation of process and CIP fluids is required.

Aseptic Double Seal Valves

AD stands for Aseptic Single Disc seat valve with Double Seat functionality. With this type of valve, two incompatible media (CIP and product) can bee separated in the pipelines without mixing. This is ensured by two separate seals, between which an open air space enables any potential leaks to be detected and removed. The P3 diaphragm prevents the elevator effect and its potentially negative effect to the product. Additionally, the leakage chamber can be externally flushed by two valves fitted on each side. Common fields of applications include food, dairy, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Aseptic Process Valves

Simultaneous, programmed filling, emptying and cleaning of production lines without the risk of mixing. Reliable separation of upper and lower valve housing allows one or more lines or tanks to be cleaned during production. Common fields of applications include food, dairy, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Double Seal Valves

Our specialized Double Seal valve is a cost effective yet technologically-sophisticated alternative to liftable and balanced mix proof double seat valves. Typical applications include distribution of liquid products, distribution of CIP media, and distribution of product areas to CIP supply and CIP return.  

Double Seat Valves

Double Seat valves are our specialized mix proof valves that packs superior process safety and efficiency alongside a more intelligent operation. These valves come with a deflector that provides a dependable physical barrier preventing direct impingement of CIP solution on the opposite seat during CIP seat lifting process. These valves are suitable for use in raw receiving, raw tank storage, HTST supply and discharge lines, Filler supply lines and Batching systems.

Industrial Valves & Accessories

Hygienic and Aseptic Valves

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