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Beer Membrane Filtration

Our portfolio in Beer Filtration portfolio offers turnkey solutions to breweries of all sizes from small to medium to large scale.

Beer Membrane Filtration System

A dynamic filtration process is required to make the beer bright. Equipped with our specialized polymer membrane hollow fiber technology, Beer membrane Filtration system enable brewers to brew perfection through a reliable, agile and sustainable filtration process. By using a membrane filter with a narrow pore size, yeast cell blocking is assured at a high flux and a strong reduction of beer -spoilage bacteria is achieved. Our Beer Membrane Filtration System is available in three configurations depending on the small, medium and large sized breweries.

Smart Beer Membrane Filtration System

Our specialized Smart Beer Membrane Filtration System is a fully automated filtration system explicitly designed for continuous processing in large breweries that typically produce between 200-900hl/hour. With our smart system, you can save on waste disposal and product loss, benefit from measurable improvements in beer taste and contribute to sustainability. Smart Beer Membrane Filtration system consists of a master controller and multiple membrane units. At its core is its ability for the membrane units to filter and clean independently of each other. Even when the quality of resources has fluctuations, the smart steering controller makes sure the system runs as efficient as possible. Furthermore, the smart steering controller decides which unit has to run, at which flow rate and which unit can do a cleaning. Meaning a reduction of downtime to zero and non-stop beer flow. This system is equipped with Hollow Fiber Membrane technology with process valve technology, Quality Control Measurement, Inline Cleaning and Smart Steering Controller

Turnkey Compact Beer Membrane Filtration System

The Compact Beer Membrane Filtration System offers a turnkey filtration solution for breweries with an annual output of  up to 15,000,000 hectoliters and a capacity 1500-6000hl/d. Featuring a proprietary Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane technology, the membrane is a thin polymer layer with pores working like a sieve in shape of a fiber. Turbidities like yeast and proteins are retained while beer flows through the pores. Thousands of membrane fibers form a module and 4-18 modules are packed into a membrane unit. Typically, our Compact Beer Membrane Filtration system consists of an unfiltered beer tank, the membrane filter system and a filtered beer tank along with a designated cleaning agent cabinet. These skids are commonly used in Beer and Cider production.

Quality Control & Measurement

Quality Control Filtration

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