Control Devices

Bottom Blow Down System

Bottom Blow Down System to accommodate the blow down water from the boiler. From simple blow down valve replacement to boiler house energy solutions, we have the solution you need.

Blowdown Vessel

Our specialized blowdown vessels are used to accommodate blow down water from the boiler. Designed to ASME standards and manufactured in compliance with the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulations. These blowdown vessels are designed to accept discharges from manual/automatic controlled bottom blowdown, automatic TDS blowdown control valves and systems, bleed valves for continuous blowdown and heat recovery equipment.

Blowdown Valve

Our specialized reduced bore ball valves are fitted with 90° rotary spring return pneumatic actuator, for boiler blowdown duties. They are used in conjunction with blow down timer to provide timed control of bottom blow down, ensuring that the recommended boiler blow down cycles occur with minimum heat loss

Boiler Control

Boiler Controls and Systems

Conductivity Meter

Our specialized conductivity meter is particularly suitable for measuring the conductivity of boiler water, feed water or condensate samples in

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Sample Coolers

Our specialized cooler consists of a 316L stainless-steel coil through which sample flows and a 316L stainless-steel body through which

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Vent Heads

Our specialized vent heads are designed for fitting to vertical open ended steam vent pipes. The vent head will discharge

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