Skid Base System

Carbonation & Blending Equipment

Offering a complete skid mounted control system consisting of proven components such as piping, wiring and control systems. The hygienic, fully automated and reliable design guarantees easy handling, low maintenance and a long service life.

Carbonation and Blending System

Accurate control of both Blending and carbonization is essential in high gravity brewing. Our Blending and Carbonation System combines both these functions in one skid mounted unit enabling the optimization of beverage production with regard to both quality and quantity. Our specialized carbonation and blending system performs blending on the basis of water/beer ratio control, with correction on either original gravity or alcohol content through PLC control. After blending, carbonation takes place by injecting CO2 at the inlet of dissolution tube. The CO2 is then finally dispersed and dissolved by a set of static mixers, guaranteeing complete, double free dissolving of CO2. Common areas of applications include Beverage and Beer Industry.

In-line Carbonator

In-Line Carbonator is primarily designed and suited for carbonation of beer, water, soda, wine and other qualifying liquids but also used for nitrogen injection and water aeration. Bubbles in the beer are crucial both in size and quality. The injector plates in the carbonator are microporous and feature large contact on both sides. Beer passes across the plates as a thin liquid film, immediately receiving full CO2 saturation even at the lowest possible flow rate. Our specialized In-Line Carbonator is designed for highest CO2 saturation and intimate gas to liquid bonding with micro pores, stainless steel injector plates dispersing very fine, 5-9 micron size bubbles.

Quality Control & Measurement

Skid Base system

CO2 Recovery System

From Fermentation sources or natural sparkling spring water, our solutions enable you to recover CO2 efficiently to safe, beverage-grade CO2.

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Water De-aeration

Our Water Deaeration System is based on our long experience in area of gas/liquid stripping technology. The water deaeration system

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