Pressure Regulators

Double Stage Pressure Regulator

Double-stage gas pressure regulators are the one which reduce cylinder pressure to delivery or outlet pressure in two step. These require less readjustment and provide a more constant delivery pressure despite changes in inlet pressure. They are exceptionally well suited for high pressure cylinder applications.

Pressure Regulation for Pure to Corrosive Gases

Offering stainless steel pressure reducers with double-stage diaphragm pressure reducing construction, stable output pressure, applied to high pure gas, standard gas, corrosive gas and so on with max inlet pressure of 3000 psig reducing down to 25-250 psig range. Typical Applications include:

  • Laboratory
  • Gas chromatography
  • Gas lasers
  • Gas bus-bar
  • Testing equipment
  • Petrochemical industry
Regulators, Tubing and Fittings

Pressure Regulators

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