Cable Glands

The various types of cable glands are basic components to adapt the individual device or engineered solution to specific application. Available for different cable types of many sizes, different materials and types of explosion protection.

Stopping Plugs

Stopping Plugs offers a reliable solution for safe closing of openings and holes for cable entries in enclosures. Different materials and wide range of thread sizes are available.


In order to adjust various sizes and types of thread connections, our adapters offers a huge flexibility. Conversions between metric and NPT as well as adjustment of differing threaded sizes are easily done. Adapters are available in brass nickel plated and high quality stainless-steel. Diverse seal materials allow the use in wide ambient temperature ranges.

Breather Drains

Breather Drains for prevention and drainage of condensed water are offered as accessories for terminal boxes, control units and stations as well as control and distribution panels.

Explosion Proof Fittings

Our explosion proof fittings are provided for all types of boxes and connectors, receptacles and plugs, flexible conduits and light fixtures.

Electrical Equipment

Explosion Proof Items

Our broad portfolio of explosion proof items is designed for installation and control of machinery and electrical networks in harsh environments and explosion -hazardous areas. Explosion proof cable glands and accessories offers optimized flexibility to design a terminal box or control station exactly to the specific requirements of respective application. All components come in many varieties, high quality materials and certified according to relevant explosion protection standards

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