Freeze/Cloud Point Process Analyzer

To optimize the refining process, both freeze and cloud point can be measured through a single analyzer. The petroleum sample to be analyzed is cooled to such temperature where crystal form and make the fluid appear cloudy, which is later detected via reduction of light through an optical path. Via auto switch to heating effect, the sample can be made transparent again by dissolving the crystals. Thus measuring freeze point of the sample. Special features of our offered analyzer include Rugged design of measuring cell Optimized assembly, Integrated failure diagnosis and self-monitoring, Validation report for quality assurance, Freely programmable digital and analog inputs

Measurement and Analytics

Physical Property Analyzers

Physical property testing ensures that the product does not violate health and safety standards in a specific application. This important analysis also greatly reduces the compatibility of products as per the standards set by certifying bodies.

Flash Point Analyzer

For uninterrupted measurement of flash-point in refining/ petroleum products

The flash point temperature is referred to as the lowest temperature in

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