Gas Dozing and Aeration

Our portfolio in Beer Filtration portfolio offers turnkey solutions to breweries of all sizes from small to medium to large scale. 

Our specialized device provides 100 percent contamination free filtration of air, compressed air, CO2 and other gases when the gas pass through fumigation chamber and enters the product line. The fumigation chamber is equipped with unique filter element, consisting of a membrane in between the segmented stainless-steel disks. Made of high-quality PTFE, the filter membrane is permanently hydrophobic and rejects bacteria transfer and growth. Its innovative design allows for CIP during cleaning of the product line and in-line steam sterilization from the gas line side. The filter membrane has a high-water intrusion pressure of 2.75 bar (39.9 psi). This functions as a check valve, not allowing any product to enter the gas line, even if the product’s line pressure is up to 2.75 bar or higher than the pressure in the gas line. The device can be installed on tank or container by welding flange or pipe mounting in various pipe sizes.

Quality Control & Measurement

Quality Control Filtration

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