Dew Point Analysis

We offer a Hydrocarbon dew point analyzer which combines the established water dew point measurement and the hydrocarbon dew point sensor to detect the moisture content, the temperature and the hydrocarbon dew point of the measured medium. The HCDT sensor type works according to the dew point mirror principle, based on the new method of total internal reflection. Benefits for your application include:

  • High measuring certainty including precision, reproducibility and low hysteresis
  • Long-term stability of sensors
  •  Measurement of HCDT at the cricondentherm point (pressure reduction)
  • Measurement of DT on high pressure side (pressure dew point)
Measurement and Analytics

Process Analyzers

Chlorine Analyzer

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Color Analyzer

We offer an analyzer which provides extremely reliable sample color analysis; this system is an ideal colorimeter for hydrocarbon fuel

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Hydrogen Analyzer

We offer an analysis module that operates based on the principle of thermal conductivity. It is optimized for the measurement

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Moisture Analyzer

We offer a high-quality, multi-channel fiber optic hygrometer for measuring the moisture and trace humidity in gases and liquid. The

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