State-of-Art Measurement Technology for H2S

H2S occurs abundantly in the world’s fossil fuel reserves and also forms as a by-product in various industrial and biological processes. In order to produce clean-burning fuels, prevent acid rain, protect pipelines and equipment from corrosion, and — most importantly — protect workers from imminent disasters, H2S levels are highly regulated using scrubbers, scavengers, sulfur recovery units, and other removal technologies.

To properly control the level of H2S in fuel, wastewater, or emissions, you need a reliable method of measuring the H2S concentration. Since safety is a major concern, only highly proven solutions are considered. For many years, that meant that customers were stuck with archaic paper tape technology, a maintenance headache with toxic consumables and frequent moving-part hardware failures.

We offer you an Analyzer that measures real-time H2S concentration in liquid or gas process by monitoring the UV-Vis absorbance in a continuously drawn sample. The analyzer can analyze hydrogen sulfide in natural gas, crude oil, water, biogas and landfill gas, feed forward, lean/rich amine, stripped sour water, wastewater, syngas, flare gas, flue gas, hydrogen recycle gas, scrubber outlet gas, LPG and more.

Measurement and Analytics

Process Analyzer

Chlorine Analyzer

Various industrial processes require continuous monitoring of chlorine compounds’ concentrations for healthy operation. The connecting concern between all these applications

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Color Analyzer

We offer an analyzer which provides extremely reliable sample color analysis; this system is an ideal colorimeter for hydrocarbon fuel

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Hydrogen Analyzer

We offer an analysis module that operates based on the principle of thermal conductivity. It is optimized for the measurement

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Moisture Analyzer

We offer a high-quality, multi-channel fiber optic hygrometer for measuring the moisture and trace humidity in gases and liquid. The

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