Nano-Level Aerosol Removal From Gas

The element has been specifically designed to keep annular velocities constant across the entire height of the element via use of gentle taper within the element, keeping pace with the external fluid flow as it exited the element. The filter element made it possible to further optimize many advanced separation technologies including:

  • Interception of sub-micron aerosols
  • Coalescence into larger and larger liquid droplets
  • Mass Transfer of the captured liquids out of the gas stream
Separation Technologies

Filter Elements

Dependable, Robust and Flexible Filter Aid Media Cartridge. We offer the filter media to separate particles, nano level aerosols, liquid and many other particulate to micron level and below. We offer Separations techniques designed and manufactured to ensure high performance separation products and systems for the capture of particulate, liquid, and soluble contaminants from liquid and gas streams. The filter elements not only address the inherent deficiencies of conventional gas-liquid separators in effectively removing liquids and aerosols from gas streams but the engineered solutions have also made it possible to further increase separator performance, with efficiencies that could exceed 99.97%. and optimize the advanced separation technologies

Coreless Filter Elements

Offering a novel, and new category of solid-liquid separation, called Coreless Filtration. It enables purification of solid-contaminated streams, offering high-purity,

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