General Industrial Valves

Versatile Industrial Valves

As your one-stop-shop solution for various industrial valves, we offer a wide range of valves that fit any piping system. The strong durability, leak-proof, and high working temperature qualities of our valves come from the manufacturing techniques and quality assured by our OEMs by use of screened raw materials and strict QC system.

Control Focused Needle Valves

Needle plugs with a V shape allow the operators to accurately control the flow and pressure. With the mechanism of the plug, it is possible to adjust the needle valve to throttle the flow. Needle valves are used in several industries and machines such as in water heaters, vacuum and others to control the fluid pressure.

Crackproof cryogenic Valves

We offer cryogenic valves incorporated with high-grade materials to withstand extremely low temperatures up to -196°C. The design and material of our cryogenic valves give them a significantly longer service life of managing cold mediums such as liquefied natural gases. These valves are generally used in natural gas industries, oil industries, air separation, etc.

Hardened Forged Valves

Forged steel valves are great for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. They offer more strength, longevity and better performance as compared to the general valves and offer increased resistance against shrinkage, cracks, and porous formations. . These valves are best for applications in the pipeline comprising high-pressure medium and high temperature like a nuclear power plant; coal-fired power plant, petrochemical system, etc.

Leakage Resistant Pressure Sealed Valves

The pressure seal is a design concept of the valve. This particular design helps provide several advantages to the applications compared to the conventional bolted body-to-bonnet sealing mechanism. We offer one of the choicest pressure seal valves to ensure the industries obtain maximum advantages. Pressure seal rings are placed within the interior diameter of our pressure seal valves. The ring further prevents leakages from occurring while the valve is exposed to intense pressure, making the valve suitable for refineries, power generation and chemical producers.


Corrosion Resistant Lined Valves

We offer the lined valves covered with EPDM, PTFE, TFM, or PFA linings, making them safest and the most reliable solution against corrosion of any level and the flow of industrial chemicals. The linings provide an economical alternative to using special alloys with natural corrosion resistance. They help control the direction and flow of liquid or gas. They also regulate the flow or process of pressure. At the same time, lined valves help relieve the pipe system of certain pressure. Each of our lined valves is suitable for petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, and pulp & paper piping systems. The valve’s design is so that it helps minimize pressure to a great extent and at the same time ensures maximum flow.

Industrial Valves & Accessories

General Industrial Valves

Actuate Valves

Actuators are the main feature of our actuated valves that utilizes gas or hydraulic pressure as well as electricity to

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Ball Valves

We specialize in providing quality industrial valve solutions to our customers worldwide. Our range of API 6D ball valves is

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Butterfly Valves

Matched with various actuators, our industrial butterfly valves can be installed with minimal effort and operated efficiently for easy open/close

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Check Valves

Designed to prevent backflow of media into the stream, check valves are two-port valves that only allow media to flow

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Gate Valves

An ideal component for giving flow logic to pipelines, gate valves permit or stop a medium’s flow to a specific

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Globe Valves

Globe valves have linear motion functionality and can stop, start, and regulate the flow of media. Predominantly used for isolating

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Plug Valves

Our plug valves utilize a cylindrical or tapered plug that can open/close, throttle, or divert a piping’s flow. The high-grade

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