Motor Control Field Units

Designed to replace existing synchronous motor exciters, our synchronous field panels include state of the art digital controls, long lasting switching devices, communications and many optional features. High quality hardware, solid experience with our motor controls ensure high reliability, enduring productivity and quick payback on upgrade investments. These field panels are offered for both brush and brushless synchronous motors.

Electrical Equipment

Motor Control Centers (MCCs)

Our motor controlled centers are designed and manufactured for use in demanding applications in markets such as pulp and paper, mining and metals, utility, chemical, oil and gas, mass production manufacturing and water & wastewater.

Low Voltage MCC

Our reliable low voltage MCC with Arc Flash Mitigation is offered for specific applications where additional personal protection is essential.

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Medium Control MCC

Our Medium Voltage Motor Controlled Centers are a complete line of UL Listed arc-resistant motor-controlled centers in ANSI/NEMA ratings. They

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