Multivariable Transmitter

Multivariable transmitters  calculates the mass flow for gases, vapors and liquids with dynamic flow compensation directly from the three process variables of differential pressure, absolute pressure and temperature.

Multivariable Transmitters are used for differential pressure measurements. Apart from pressure and/or temperature dependent changes to the density of fluid, the parameters such as discharge coefficient, thermal expansion of pipelines and primary device and the Reynold no are also calculated. Our multivariable transmitters allow for DP level measurement if density compensation is necessary due to process temperature changes. This could make any level measurement much more reliable. In addition to high precision, multivariable transmitters offers the advantage that a single device needs to be used for measuring point instead of several transmitters and flow computers. Our specialized Multivariable transmitters are available in various options including transmitters with remote diaphragm seals, and multi-sensor configuration with an accuracies of 0.075% and 0.04%.

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