Natural Gas Chromatograph

The Gas Chromatograph is the simple to operate analyzing device able to provide total energy measurement in natural gas supply chain, beginning from the wellhead and ending at the distribution market with every single point analysis in between. The gas chromatograph injects natural gas into a carrier gas stream that further proceeds to a column where natural gas is separated into its constituents. The separated components then pass a detector that converts the peaks into peak areas that are proportional to the concentration of the measured components. With collated data from all the concentrations, the heating value / Wobbe-index / density of the natural gas is calculated. The GC can provide precise and trustworthy facts of gas composition and other necessary parameters to make certain the quantity and quality of natural gas when transferring it for the purpose of sale.

With the ability to measure C6+, C9+, H2S, Hydrocarbon Dew point and cricondentherm calculations and other compounds, we offer our customers the Gas Chromatograph from top OEMs of the world having ability to deliver all of the desired measurement.

Accessories with Gas Chromatograph

We facilitate our customers by providing them complete package including sample handling system, highly accurate calibration and UHP carrier cylinders with all necessary fittings and accessories required to install GC at cheaper price as compared to the market.

Measurement and Analytics

Gas Chromatograph

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