Particle-Gas Separator

Removal of solid contaminants and free liquids present in the gas is critical to the downstream process. The high performance separation system is designed and manufactured to separate particulate contaminants from natural gas and vapor streams. Preventing fouling and corrosion in dry gas streams, coal seam gas and fuel gas, where it is critical to protect pipelines, valves and other gas processing equipment.<br>
Our offered technologies will help with a clean, natural gas, reducing upsets and associated downtime and increase productivity, lowering capital costs with fewer change-outs.

Separation Technologies

Filter Separators

For oil & gas production, effective and reliable filtration and separation solutions are essential. Improved filtration across upstream, midstream, and downstream is vital for increased productivity. We offer premium solutions that reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and enhance overall business performance.

Particle-Liquid Separator

The superior separator vessel used for particle/liquid filtration or separation. Compared to the conventional cartridge filters, the element technology inside

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