Level Measurement

Point Level Measurement

Your plant’s lifeline to safety, efficiency and a headache-free day. Precision and reliability are of top priority in level measurement. And our point level switches covers virtually all applications, from bulk solids to liquids. With our comprehensive portfolio of point level switches, various technologies are used for extremely reliable and accurate point level measurement-for everything from highly sensitive applications to the most rugged environments. Beverages & Food Ovens / Furnaces Chemicals / Scientific / Laboratories Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Fridges / Freezers Machine and Plant Engineering Boiler, Gear and Compressor Constructions

Capacitance Level Switch

Adaptive, efficient and essential. Our capacitive point level switches measure interface, solids, liquids, slurries and foam. Our capacitive level switches ensure accurate measurement performance, even under the harsh conditions of high pressure and high temperature applications. The highly tough and reliable versatile capacitance level switches are used for remote monitoring, low level oil detection on wind mill, to control foam and initiate defoaming etc. Our range of capacitance level switches includes the following:

  • Ultra-compact with short insertion digital point level switch
  • Compact universal switch for constricted spaces
  • Standard universal switch with a wide range of communications and probe extensions
  • Capacitance level switch for harsh, demanding applications with high temperatures and pressures

Rotary Paddle

Rugged, ready and precise. Featuring state of art safety technology and multiple paddle options, our Rotary Paddle Level Switch is as reliable as it is versatile. Our level switch is an essential component of any bulk solids operation. The durable paddle switch accurately detects varying conditions on range of materials. Additionally, rotary paddle level switch can be optimized for low density solids and high temperatures. This level switch is provided with rotatable enclosure for easy installation and comes with five seal ingress protection. Additionally, optional hinged vanes for low density materials and small process connections can also be provided.

Ultrasonic Level Switch

Our ultrasonic non-contacting switch for point level detection, ideal for sticky materials. Multipurpose and maintenance free. This device uses an ultrasonic non-contacting switch to detect solids, liquids and slurries. Particularly adept at measuring sticky materials, it’s useable across many industries. With virtually no moving parts, ultrasonic level switch significantly reduces repair costs and maximizes the efficiency. Additionally, its simple two button programming and fail safe technology ensures easy operation.

Vibrating Level Switch

Adaptive, efficient and essential. Our vibrating level switches detect high, low and demand levels for liquids and solids. They perform in extreme conditions and benefit many industries. Vibrating level switches are tough and reliable. They provide extreme probe options to 450°C, pressure to 400 bar and ingress protection to harsh chemicals. Varied probe designs including material types, coatings, process connections and approvals are available. Our specialized vibrating level switches can be used for dry run protection, Sludge detection, plug chute detection in mining and aggregate industries. Our range of vibrating level switches include:

  • Vibrating level switches for detecting liquids slurry levels in confined spaces
  • Vibratory level switches for dry bulk solids in bins, silos and hoppers
  • Vibratory level switches for highly demanding applications such as heavy dry bulk solids
Measuring Instrument

Level Measurement

Level Gauges

Level gauge indicators are devices used in the measurement of the level of fluids in various industrial applications. These devices

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