Reid Vapor Pressure Analyzer Vapor Pressure Process Analyzer

For continuous measurement of hydrocarbon vapor pressures.

Reid Vapor Pressure, the measure of the volatility of various petroleum products such as volatile crude oil, volatile non-viscous petroleum liquids etc. and is known as the absolute vapor pressure exerted by the vapors produced from liquid product at 37.8°C as defined by the ASTM D323 test method. After CAA (Clean Air Act) in 1990 it was declared unlawful to sell, dispense, supply or transport gasoline with a Reid Vapor Pressure greater than 9.0 (psi). Consequently, it became mandatory for refineries, pipeline terminals, blending stations to comply with the regulation which can be achieved via accurate sample analysis. In addition, the same analysis can allow the operator to run the blending process in the optimized range thus, lowering production cost & improving product quality. Moreover, to measure true vapor pressure of application like gasoline, high pressure applications NGLs (natural gas liquids) or viscous samples like crude oil, a TVP process analyzer is also used.

Measurement and Analytics

Physical Property Analyzers

Physical property testing ensures that the product does not violate health and safety standards in a specific application. This important analysis also greatly reduces the compatibility of products as per the standards set by certifying bodies.

Flash Point Analyzer

For uninterrupted measurement of flash-point in refining/ petroleum products

The flash point temperature is referred to as the lowest temperature in

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