Salt in Crude Analyzer

Crude oil from many well sources comes with high content of salt (corresponds to Chloride based salts in weight per volume) which pose multiple problems while refining and transportation that is why de-salting is done whose technologies are already well established. To utilize the technologies effectually, quick and precise measurements of salt level in crude is required The instantaneous response of an online analyzer can serve the purpose and allows the operator to use De-Salters as effectively as possible while analyzing 0 – 400 PTB or 0 – 1000 mg/L of salt in cycle of 5 min or less.

Measurement and Analytics

Physical Property Analyzers

Physical property testing ensures that the product does not violate health and safety standards in a specific application. This important analysis also greatly reduces the compatibility of products as per the standards set by certifying bodies.

Flash Point Analyzer

For uninterrupted measurement of flash-point in refining/ petroleum products

The flash point temperature is referred to as the lowest temperature in

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