Smart Energy Meter

The adoption of smart meters has not only helped reduce energy usage through intelligent demand side management, but it has also facilitated the consumers and utilities alike with a host of intelligent features and operational efficiencies. Our specialized meter measure energy directly in 4-wire networks according to the principle of fast sampling of voltage and current signals. A built in microprocessor measures active/reactive/apparent power and energy, current, voltage, frequency, power factor, power angle and frequency for each phase and total sum. The microprocessor also controls LCS, LED communication and optional extensions.

Electrical Equipment

Energy Meter

We offer state of the art energy meters compliant with international standards, meeting current and future needs of the metering industry. These energy meters allow accurate measurement of electricity usage with minimal losses due to its highly advanced metering circuitry and embedded software having application in residential, industrial and utility applications.

Static Energy Meter

Static energy meters provide utilities with the much needed technology to measure electricity consumed for monetization purposes. Our static energy

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