State-of-Art Measurement Technology for Total Sulfur

Sulfur compounds–particularly hydrogen sulfide–in natural gas carry with them a host of problems and considerations for both producer and consumer. Sulfur content is known to:

  • Cause pipeline corrosion, jeopardizing distribution networks and necessitating complex maintenance regimens
  • Officially reduce the quality of sales gas; natural gas quality assurance involves monitoring of sulfur content, e.g. at custody transfer points
  • Contribute directly to SO2 emissions from gas-burning plants; SO2 is a widely regulated pollutant and a necessary concern for avoiding fines and fulfilling social responsibility
  • Introduce unpleasant odors to gas-dependent industrial and domestic environments; mercaptans are added to natural gas to make leaks noticeable by smell, but uncontrolled sulfur content turns the odor from useful to intolerable

Avoiding these chronic sulfur-related issues requires reliable online monitoring of total sulfur load in gaseous hydrocarbon streams. The only way to verify the efficiency of sulfur removal processes and ensure satisfaction of customer and environmental needs is to proactively analyze stream composition. Our Total Sulfur Direct has compelling benefits for the process operator and can measure 5 sulfur compounds and is highly suitable for natural gas applications (e.g. pipeline gas).

Measurement and Analytics

Process Analyzer

Chlorine Analyzer

Various industrial processes require continuous monitoring of chlorine compounds’ concentrations for healthy operation. The connecting concern between all these applications

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Color Analyzer

We offer an analyzer which provides extremely reliable sample color analysis; this system is an ideal colorimeter for hydrocarbon fuel

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Hydrogen Analyzer

We offer an analysis module that operates based on the principle of thermal conductivity. It is optimized for the measurement

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Moisture Analyzer

We offer a high-quality, multi-channel fiber optic hygrometer for measuring the moisture and trace humidity in gases and liquid. The

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