Trace Detection of Acetylene

This analyzer provides a much more convenient way to monitor acetylene in many safety critical application compared to cumbersome GCs and NDIRs. The analyzers find its major application in but not limited to these only:

  • Gas standard preparation
  • CEM standard preparation
  • Fuel-cell hydrogen analysis
  • Research & development
  • High-purity gas systems
  • Gas mixtures
  • Fluorocarbon chemistry
  • Semiconductor specialty gas


Trace-Level Acetylene Detection Analyzer

C2H2 in N2

0-80 ppm

C2H2 in H2

0-70 ppm

C2H2 in CDA

0-80 ppm

Measurement and Analytics

Trace Composition Measurement

Our specialized analyzers with advanced CRDS technology provide users with unmatched reliability, accuracy, speed of response, and ease of operation. Featuring our Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy in a very compact & economical design, these versatile analyzers allow trace measurement of HCl, H2O, NH3, CO2, CO and many others in specialty as well as common inert bulk gases and in most advanced semiconductor fabrications.

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