Trace Detection of Water

Our lowest cost moisture analyzer, ideal for industrial process and quality control. The highest-performing ultimate trace gas analyzer for the highest purity bulk gases, with low-ppb detection limits, excellent range, and a large selection of background gases. Our analyzer is the moisture analyzer of choice in many industries. The analyzer range also offers the detection of trace moisture in hydrides, such as ammonia, phosphine and arsine, which are used in the production of LEDs and semiconductor devices. The trace moisture detection analyzer found its application majorly in:

  • UHP Gas Quality Control
  • Semiconductor Bulk Gas Industrial Gas QC
  • High-Purity CO2
  • Etch and Cleaning Gases
  • Gas Standards Preparation
  • Medical Gas
  • Flourinated Gases
  • Quality Control for Process Gas or Bulk Gas Systems
  • Industrial Gas QC
  • Air Separation Units
  • Truck Fill Measurements
  • Fuel-cell Hydrogen Analysis


Trace Moisture CRDS Analyzer for Ultra-High-Purity Gases

CRDS Analyzer for ppt-level Moisture Detection

Trace Moisture Detection CRDS Analyzer in Pure CO2

PPB-Level Trace Moisture Detection CRDS Analyzer

Trace Moisture in Hydride Gases CRDS Analyzer

Trace Moisture CRDS Analyzer in Pure Nitrous Oxide

H2O in N2

0-20 ppm

0-5 ppm

0-500 ppm

0-2000 ppm

0-6 ppm

0-20 ppm

H2O in He

0-4 ppm

0-1 ppm

0-3 ppm

H2O in H2

0-16 ppm

0-4 ppm

0-1750 ppm

0-12 ppm

H2O in O2

0-10 ppm

0-2.5 ppm

0-250 ppm

0-1000 ppm

0-8 ppm

H2O in CO2

0-25 ppm

0-600 ppm

H2O in CDA

0-4 ppm

0-450 ppm

0-1800 ppm

H2O in NH3

0-20 ppm

H2O in Ar

0-900 ppm

0-6 ppm

H2O in CO

0-480 ppm

H2O in HCl

H2O in PH3

0-10 ppm

H2O in AsH3

0-10 ppm

H2O in NO

0-100 ppm

H2O in N2O

0-20 ppm

H2 in N2

0-500 ppm

H2 in He

0-125 ppm

H2 in Ar

0-200 ppm

H2 in CDA

0-5000 ppm

Measurement and Analytics

Trace Composition Measurement

Our specialized analyzers with advanced CRDS technology provide users with unmatched reliability, accuracy, speed of response, and ease of operation. Featuring our Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy in a very compact & economical design, these versatile analyzers allow trace measurement of HCl, H2O, NH3, CO2, CO and many others in specialty as well as common inert bulk gases and in most advanced semiconductor fabrications.

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