Gas Heaters

Gas heater is designed for use with nonflammable liquefied compressed gases to prevent regulator freeze-up and to assure uniform temperature under high flow conditions. Connected between the cylinder valve and a suitable regulator, the heater warms the gas stream allowing for flow rates up to 1000scfh without regulator freeze-up.

Purifiers and Filters

High quality equipment. Pure and simple – To reduce solids and liquids as well as contaminants from your gases, we offer a full-line of filters and purifiers. Our offering ranges from gas specific purifiers and contaminant traps to gas and liquid analyzer filters.

High Purity Flexible Hoses

The 316 SS high-pressure flexible metal hoses are designed for strong, safe and flexible operation in demanding specialty gas environments. With zero permeation characteristics, these hoses do not allow gas or atmosphere to pass through their walls in either pressure or vacuum applications. These hoses are ideal for flammable, toxic, high purity and small molecule gases.

Flashback Arrestor

Flashback arrestor offers four safety devices in each unit. These devices protect against flashbacks with mixtures of oxygen or air and flammable gases such as hydrogen, acetylene, methane or LPG gases. The design includes a built-in no-return valve to stop reverse flow, and a thermal shut off that stops gas flow in the event of a hose or pipeline fire. An easily re-settable pressure control alerts the users and stops gas flow in the event of a flashback greater than 10psig backpressure.

Cylindrical Connections

Cylinder connections are used for connecting various items of a gas handling apparatus, such as pressure regulators or pigtails, directly to cylinders. The actual connection depends on the gas in the cylinder and is designated by a three-digit Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Number. Cylinder connections consist of a CGA nut and CGA nipple and in some cases a washer for sealing purposes. We offer cylinder connections in a wide variety of configurations and materials to fit your application.

Check & Relief Valves

Check valves ensure that gases or liquids flow in one direction only. When used on the outlet line of pressure regulators, they prevent back flow of fluids into the regulator. When used in cylinder pigtails, they prevent gas flow from one cylinder into another on the same manifold. They also stop atmospheric air from entering the pigtail and manifold when a cylinder is removed. These check valves are bubble-tight against any backpressure.

Relief valves are commonly used downstream of pressure regulators to protect the regulator, pressure gauge and downstream system from over-pressurization caused by a regulator failure.

Excess Flow Shut off Valves

The Excess Flow Shut-Off Valves are designed to automatically shut-off a gas line if the flow exceeds a preset limit. The valves are commonly used as a safety device to protect a system from excess flow in the event of equipment failure, or to protect personnel and property in the event of a line rupture. The capability of operating from 10 to 3500 psi allows them to be used in both high and low-pressure applications.

Specialty Gases

Cylinder's Acessories

Regulator & Gauges

Excelling under pressure – Most specialty gases are supplied in cylinders compressed to high pressures. Pressure regulators reduce the pressure

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