VFD for Fan and Pump

Our specialized VFDs for driving fans and pumps adopts book type design for easy installation and compact structure. This VFD is provided with a compatible motor that supports the driving of synchronous as well as asynchronous motors. Equipped with thickened protective coating in the core circuit board, these superior VFDs are highly extensible as it supports Profibus, Profient and I/O expansion.

Electrical Equipment

Variable Frequency Drives

Our Variable Frequency Drives has excellent performance Drives for driving fans and pumps in waste water treatment, HVAC, Chemical, Metallurgical, electric power and other industries with high energy efficiency and flexibility.

Compact VFD

Our specialized economical compact variable frequency drives are designed for common applications of OEM market, with various functions of PID,

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Smart VFD

2 in 1 VFDs achieve outstanding drive performance and provide excellent control functions by using the sensor less vector control

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