State-of-Art Measurement Technology for Moisture

Presence of Moisture in many applications as per its chemistry prove to be the worst enemy and may cause catastrophic corrosion, plugged tubes, and sometimes frustrating shutdowns.

The only way to contain this threat is to keep a 24-hour watch on moisture levels in your process. With hundreds of moisture sensors and diverse measurement principles on the market, how do you choose?

With our IR Analyzer, you can get a stable, real-time moisture reading with 0-50 ppm range and customizable alarm threshold to meet your operational preference. The analyzer’s reading is continuously stabilized using Auto Zero, and its solid state NDIR sensor is far more durable than typical instruments with moving parts.

Measurement and Analytics

Process Analyzer

Chlorine Analyzer

Various industrial processes require continuous monitoring of chlorine compounds’ concentrations for healthy operation. The connecting concern between all these applications

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Color Analyzer

We offer an analyzer which provides extremely reliable sample color analysis; this system is an ideal colorimeter for hydrocarbon fuel

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Hydrogen Analyzer

We offer an analysis module that operates based on the principle of thermal conductivity. It is optimized for the measurement

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Moisture Analyzer

We offer a high-quality, multi-channel fiber optic hygrometer for measuring the moisture and trace humidity in gases and liquid. The

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