Particle-Liquid Separation Element

Compared to conventional cartridge filters, our solution saves money by lowering operating costs and reducing disposal costs. When comparing filters with the same efficiencies or Beta ratings, nothing outperforms the cost/performance value achieved the element.

With the existing conventional filter in place– pleated, depth, molded or string wound, nominal or Beta rated – these elements can replace the existing without modifying the external housing. Whether it is for water, amines, chemicals, hydrocarbons, oils, coolants, inks, paints, or other fluids, for pre-filtration or final filtration, i.e. either it is a new filtration application, or upgrading and optimizing a conventional cartridge filter application, the element is the right choice.

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Liquid-Gas Separator Elements

The element has been specifically designed to keep annular velocities constant across the entire height of the element via use of gentle taper within the element, keeping pace with the external fluid flow as it exited the element. The filter element made it possible to further optimize many advanced separation technologies including:

Interception of sub-micron aerosols

Coalescence into larger and larger liquid droplets

Mass Transfer of the captured liquids out of the gas stream

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Coreless Filter Elements

Offering a novel, and new category of solid-liquid separation, called Coreless Filtration. It enables purification of solid-contaminated streams, offering high-purity, rapid, single-pass processing, while simultaneously reducing overall operating expense and improving operator ergonomics. The coreless filtration offers following benefits as:

Effective Contaminant Removal: utilizing high-performance media technology to allow very high efficiency removal of contaminants. It is constructed to allow effective use to high differential pressure.

Increased Online Life: Compared to conventional bag filters the coreless element can offer 3 – 5 times longer online life at similar effluent fluid quality in minimal space.

Faster Processing: Due to the improved media technology and the opportunity of effective single-pass purification, the purification time can be reduced by up to 90% when performing batch filtration or drumming operations.

Improved Operating Ergonomics: The design of the system enables rapid and easy element installation and replacement.

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Portable Solution for Produced & Process Water

The portable solution has been designed for secondary and tertiary produced water and wastewater treatment, offering superior water quality with a smaller footprint and lower cost of ownership as compared to conventional solutions. This small package can replace the combination of commonly used technologies such as Plate Separators, Hydrocyclone, IGF (with Chemicals), Dissolved Air Floatation devices, and others for waste water treatment.

The system can delivers consistent, high-quality treated water at variable flows (infinite turn-down capacity), even in the presence of large oil upsets. With oil content as high as five to 10 percent at the inlet, it can still yield low parts per million (ppm) oil at the outlet, and the high quality recovered oil may be processed or sold to deliver value for the end user. No on-site sludge generation or management is required. Additionally, the system requires little-to-no operator intervention and maintenance. As compared to conventional treatment technologies, it has the potential to significantly reduce costs by up to 50 percent in operating expenses, and improve efficiency/output quality.

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Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology

Our specialized technology for intended to remove hydrocarbons and Suspended solids from produced water provides petroleum producers, refiners and gas processors dramatically improved solids control and hydrocarbon recovery from process water streams.

Applications for the technology includes:

Produced Water Management

Oil Removal from Waste Water

SRU Optimization

Salt Water Disposal

The HYDROCARBON RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY offers proven performance while eliminating the need for expensive excess processing, chemical additives, and storage tank capacity. With hydrocarbon recovery efficiencies of 99.98%, It produces a sellable product, balancing or even outweighing operating costs and capital investment. The skid’s robust design is scalable and modular for both new capital projects as well as placement in existing operating units.

Using the advanced Produced water management technology on process water systems, one can experience multiple operational, environmental and economic benefits, including:

Operational flexibility

Reduction of lost energy

Savings on chemical additives

Lower maintenance costs associated with fouling

Elimination of excursions

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Particle-Gas Separator

Removal of solid contaminants and free liquids present in the gas is critical to the downstream process. The high performance separation system is designed and manufactured to separate particulate contaminants from natural gas and vapor streams. Preventing fouling and corrosion in dry gas streams, coal seam gas and fuel gas, where it is critical to protect pipelines, valves and other gas processing equipment.
Our offered technologies will help with a clean, natural gas, reducing upsets and associated downtime and increase productivity, lowering capital costs with fewer change-outs.

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Particle-Liquid Separator

The superior separator vessel used for particle/liquid filtration or separation. Compared to the conventional cartridge filters, the element technology inside of a separator, saves you money by lowering operating costs and reducing disposal costs. When comparing filters with the same efficiencies or Beta ratings, nothing outperforms the cost/performance value achieved with these filters.
The coreless filters are customized and supplied with a broad range of media types and micron ratings to match requirements of the application. The reusable cores have standard collapse ratings of 75 or 150 psi or more depending on the series and material of construction. Whether it is a new filtration application, or upgrading and optimizing a conventional cartridge filter application, Our offered solution fits the puzzle perfectly.

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Advanced Aerosol Separators

The liquid contaminant can enter the gas stream through any one of a variety of events including phase separation and condensation, compressor lube-oils from compression, chemical addition to pipelines (including corrosion inhibitors), and entrainment from overheads of contact towers resulting in aerosol distributions primarily in the nanometer range.

Our technologically is specifically designed to effectively separate these contaminants and is in service protecting high value installations and systems worldwide.
The aerosol separator successfully addresses the inherent deficiencies of the conventional gas-liquid separators, making it possible to effectively remove liquid aerosols from gas streams. The flow in separator is designed from inside-to-the-outside, reducing the gas velocity as the droplets are being removed. The media technology is specifically designed to provide the desired level of separation and has the capability of providing effective separation from nano-levels to that approximating a demister pad.

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Advanced Extractive Separators

Missing product specifications, upsetting of conditions, fouling of process equipment with contaminants are some of the major challenges You may tackle to extract soluble contaminants in midstream, downstream and petrochemical applications with technologies for liquid-liquid extraction. Trayed Columns & Packed Columns are conventional approaches to remove dissolved contaminants that utilize washing the hydrocarbon with water. But these come with numerous advantages including High solvent losses, Low operating window, Low stage efficiencies, Bigger equipment size, Higher solvent re-circulation rates, Higher capital cost, Poor separations of process and solvent streams.
Our offered solution is consistent of a single-stage, high-efficiency, structured contactor/separator. Saving end-users capital while increasing process reliability, greater operability and product quality.

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Advanced Emulsion Separators

Hydrocarbon systems frequently encounter aqueous contamination. The aqueous component typically exceeds the soluble limit, and accumulates within the hydrocarbon as a separate dispersed and emulsified phase. This stable emulsion is typically observed as a stable haze.
Our offered separator is specifically manufactured to help separate emulsions that are not separable by conventional coalescers. Conventional coalescers are unable to provide the required degree clarity due to the inability to capture and remove the most penetrating droplets that cause carry-over. The separator can separate these dispersed and emulsified droplets from the hydrocarbon to practically non-detectable levels. Advances in the technology now permit horizontal installations, further reducing capital cost.

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