Particle-Liquid Separation Element

Compared to conventional cartridge filters, our solution saves money by lowering operating costs and reducing disposal costs. When comparing filters with the same efficiencies or Beta ratings, nothing outperforms the cost/performance value achieved the element.

With the existing conventional filter in place– pleated, depth, molded or string wound, nominal or Beta rated – these elements can replace the existing without modifying the external housing. Whether it is for water, amines, chemicals, hydrocarbons, oils, coolants, inks, paints, or other fluids, for pre-filtration or final filtration, i.e. either it is a new filtration application, or upgrading and optimizing a conventional cartridge filter application, the element is the right choice.

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Liquid-Gas Separator Elements

The element has been specifically designed to keep annular velocities constant across the entire height of the element via use of gentle taper within the element, keeping pace with the external fluid flow as it exited the element. The filter element made it possible to further optimize many advanced separation technologies including:

Interception of sub-micron aerosols

Coalescence into larger and larger liquid droplets

Mass Transfer of the captured liquids out of the gas stream

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Coreless Filter Elements

Offering a novel, and new category of solid-liquid separation, called Coreless Filtration. It enables purification of solid-contaminated streams, offering high-purity, rapid, single-pass processing, while simultaneously reducing overall operating expense and improving operator ergonomics. The coreless filtration offers following benefits as:

Effective Contaminant Removal: utilizing high-performance media technology to allow very high efficiency removal of contaminants. It is constructed to allow effective use to high differential pressure.

Increased Online Life: Compared to conventional bag filters the coreless element can offer 3 – 5 times longer online life at similar effluent fluid quality in minimal space.

Faster Processing: Due to the improved media technology and the opportunity of effective single-pass purification, the purification time can be reduced by up to 90% when performing batch filtration or drumming operations.

Improved Operating Ergonomics: The design of the system enables rapid and easy element installation and replacement.

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