Portable Solution for Produced & Process Water

The portable solution has been designed for secondary and tertiary produced water and wastewater treatment, offering superior water quality with a smaller footprint and lower cost of ownership as compared to conventional solutions. This small package can replace the combination of commonly used technologies such as Plate Separators, Hydrocyclone, IGF (with Chemicals), Dissolved Air Floatation devices, and others for waste water treatment.

The system can delivers consistent, high-quality treated water at variable flows (infinite turn-down capacity), even in the presence of large oil upsets. With oil content as high as five to 10 percent at the inlet, it can still yield low parts per million (ppm) oil at the outlet, and the high quality recovered oil may be processed or sold to deliver value for the end user. No on-site sludge generation or management is required. Additionally, the system requires little-to-no operator intervention and maintenance. As compared to conventional treatment technologies, it has the potential to significantly reduce costs by up to 50 percent in operating expenses, and improve efficiency/output quality.

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Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology

Our specialized technology for intended to remove hydrocarbons and Suspended solids from produced water provides petroleum producers, refiners and gas processors dramatically improved solids control and hydrocarbon recovery from process water streams.

Applications for the technology includes:

Produced Water Management

Oil Removal from Waste Water

SRU Optimization

Salt Water Disposal

The HYDROCARBON RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY offers proven performance while eliminating the need for expensive excess processing, chemical additives, and storage tank capacity. With hydrocarbon recovery efficiencies of 99.98%, It produces a sellable product, balancing or even outweighing operating costs and capital investment. The skid’s robust design is scalable and modular for both new capital projects as well as placement in existing operating units.

Using the advanced Produced water management technology on process water systems, one can experience multiple operational, environmental and economic benefits, including:

Operational flexibility

Reduction of lost energy

Savings on chemical additives

Lower maintenance costs associated with fouling

Elimination of excursions

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