Valve Lubrication & Sealing Solution

Potentia Engineering with over 25 years of rich experience in the oil and gas sector provide valve lubrication sealing services via the specialized Hydrocarbon Grease During valve operation, simple grease goes off with the flow while Hydrocarbon Grease remains intact in the valve.

Plug Value Lubrication

These compact shut off valves, used in a wide range of production and process flow equipment, need a high quality grease to provide
These We have developed a unique technology that ensures the grease stays intact and protects the sealing faces of the valve body and plug, even under the high pressure flow of water or corrosive well fluidsflow equipment, need a high quality grease to provide

Ball Valve Lubrication

We had extensive field experience in sealing leaks in ball valves with both Valve Lubricant and Valve Sealant In addition, we offer specific lubricants designed for general maintenance of ball valves in hydrocarbon service Retaining the technical qualities that our products are known for, whilst ensuring the sensitive valve parts will function correctly and achieve a seal

Preventative Maintenance

Our lubricants when applied in valves will not be dissolved and displaced from the valve cavity. Components will remain protected from damage and wear, and will stay f ully resistant to produced hydrocarbons and other aggressive chemicals

Corrective Maintenance

Through decades of carefully monitored use in the field, our valve lubricants have been proven to seal leaking valves for sustained periods, whereas the other grease flow away after small time period.