Flow Measurement

Vortex Flow Meter

Easy to use Vortex solution for volume and mass flow of steam, gas and liquids. The reliable all rounder combines the monitoring of flow, pressure and temperature-from saturated and superheated steam to raw chemical and from compressed air to crude oil. Our products guarantee high energy and process efficiency, measurement accuracy and significant cost savings.

Digital Vortex Flow Meter

Take your steam, gas and liquid measurements to a whole new level with the digitally based vortex flow meter. Designed primarily for applications in auxiliary, supply and energy systems, this device is also highly versatile for use in process industry. With its new features like integrated heat meter, status alarms and extensive Ex approvals, our vortex flow meter had been proved ideal for a broad range of chemical, power and oil and gas installations. The vortex flow meter product program consists of two types of flow meters: a flange and a sandwich version.

Measuring Instrument

Flow Measurement

Coriolis Flow Meter

Our Electromagnetic Flow Meters are the first choice for all industrial applications. Featuring advanced capabilities, enable you to operate more

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